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One to One Ceramic and Life casting Experiences








Make a life cast of a friend, celebrate the birth of a new baby by creating a unique christening bowl, or produce something beautiful to commemorate a wedding or a funeral.
A ceramic wedding cake? A beautiful ashes casket? Perhaps you already have an idea of what you would like to make, but need someone to help you with materials and firings…
If you are new to ceramics, then perhaps you would be happy to allow me to show you a few of my favourite techniques how to create a vessel or a sculpture to get you started?
I find that a session of 3 hours covers a lot of ground, there is time to make a bowl or two and perhaps a small sculpture. Making a life cast takes a lot longer, but a face cast may be done in a few hours.
Please contact me here to discuss your plans!
I charge £25/hour . Some materials are extra.

You will have to come back for a second session if you would like to glaze your work once it has been fired. This session can be a lot shorter – unless of course you fancy sampling the famous  smoke firing experience!



One to Two Ceramic Experiences 


I am happy to discuss your creative adventure with you. I charge £15/hour per person for a One to Two session, and that includes all materials, firings and refreshments. These sessions can be entirely tailored around the experience you are looking for and the object you are looking to create.

Visit my diary and booking page for more information and to book



Please email me here if you would like to discuss a group booking or if you would like to sign up or be added to my mailing list.

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