Workshop bookings


Please contact me to plan and book  your space on a one to one or one to two workshop now.

You can sign up using PayPal here, but if you’d rather use another payment method, please contact me here or phone my mobile on 07722171818
please see here.


   Book your Body casting workshop by contacting Anna directly. The cost is £35/hour plus materials  
   Book your One to Two ceramic workshop for 3 hours
  Full payment £45 for one person

  Deposit £22 for one person

 Book your One to One workshops 3 hours
   Full payment £75

   Deposit £37.50

  Book your one to two two hour workshop  
   Deposit £30 
   Full payment £60 

  CANCELLATIONS:  In the unlikely event I have to cancel , participants can choose to either have their deposit returned, or sign up for the next workshop date.  
  DEPOSITS; Please note: Workshops deposits are fully refundable up to 7 days before the workshop. I’m sorry but after that, due to expenses incurred, they are not refundable. The last day for cancellation of a Saturday workshop is the previous Saturday. Thanks for your understanding.  





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