ceramic owls

Studio Sale – Ceramic Owls

Getting excited about my studio sale on the 9th of July, please contact me if you would like to attend!

There will some owls about!

Owl and Moon

This is a smoke fired ceramic plaque 10” x 7.5”. During full moons I often dream about owls visiting…They look pretty scary, but I know they have come to protect my dreams. I often hear them calling in the night – it is mainly Tawny Owls. I smile to myself and turn over. All is well.

Ceramic Owls

I adore owls, and in particular Little Owls…              
These are hand built in clay and smoke fired

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Artists Open Houses in Brighton, last day..

It’s been a blast! The sun has been shining and about 1000 visitors per weekend have guaranteed fabulous sales.  Couldn’t be better!  Thanks Kate!

Ceramic Owls, smoke fired

These little owls came out of the smoke firing bins just in time for my Open Studio last weekend. I was still scraping them out of the ashes on Friday morning while everyone else was busy setting up. I made them back in November  when the local tawny owls were being very noisy but I never got around to smoke fire them.                                                                                                                 

They make me laugh.

See more at www.annakeiller.com/portfolio/birds/owls-pheasants  

Ceramic Owls

Little owls

I’m sitting in my garden under a huge full moon listening to Tawny owls. They are so loud and there are so many of them and I wonder what they are up to.
The night is warm despite it being late autumn, and I’m drinking a glass of wine. I’m thinking about Marija Gimbutas books on archeomythology and how she found that owls were already during paleolithic times considered to be symbols of death and regeneration. The Great Goddess would often be depicted as an owl or a vulture. I’m thinking that someone living 30.000 years ago would  have been sitting in the warm autumn night just like me;  looking up at the moon, sipping wine, listening to the Owls and feeling slightly spooked.

The picture shows a gang of Little Owls made of clay and just about to go into the kiln. I don’t think they are spooky but they certainly have an attitude. I am not sure how to glaze them yet, but I think they will be smoke fired just like my Fat Birds.

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