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DSCF0725_edited DSCF0827_edited DSCF0830_edited
Pomegranate 1
Approx 7”x5”

Pomegranate 2
Approx 9”x7”

Pomegranate 3
Approx 9”x7”


‘Miss Havisham’
Plaster of Paris sculpture
on a plinth
Approx:18″x30” £490
Plus transport to be arranged
pick-up from my studio would be best. 

Torso vase
Press moulded, ceramic sculpture with a cold bronze effect finish and red glaze 2011
Approx:17”x 8” 

plus £40 transport within England

Wall plaque 30cm x30 cm

plus £30 next day delivery (inside the U.K 

 ‘Here be Dragons’
Mixed media
£95 plus postage
(Within UK £8 with  next day delivery.)
 ‘Hermit Crab’
Mixed media
£110 plus postage
(Within UK £8 with  next day delivery.)
‘Shell Baby’
Mixed media
£120 plus postage
(Within UK £8 with  next day delivery.) 
King of the Hill.
Ceramic,  steel wire
on a concrete base.

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