Interior design commissions

I was commissioned by the interior designer group Four IV in London to help design two illuminated arches for the hotel lobby of the Mandarin Oriental in Taipei, Taiwan. I was to create molds for hundreds of small illuminated porcelain flowers that could  be placed inside the cast iron arches. The brief took several years to complete because the brief kept changing, but here it is!

Alternative portrait and body cast commissions from my studios in Old Town Hastings.

I use body casting as a base for personal portraits and sculptures of women of any age.
Because I believe that everything is alive and everything is connected, I often depict the human torso as part of the landscape, as part of the hills, trees, rivers and lakes. I also take my inspiration from myths, poems and fairytales such as this

But my task is to create a sculpture based on what makes you special. My last commission came from a lady who was very fond of tortoises – hence I made a tortoise and placed it on her shoulder…
I made two slightly different versions, so that she could choose her favourite – she bought both!

This is a selection of torsos I have made in the past.

Creating ceramic torsos from a life cast is a long process and it is carried out in the strictest confidence and privacy. You are welcome to bring a partner or friend to the session.

The process;
* I apply plaster bandages to the skin, covering the area that is to be cast. When the plaster bandages have hardened up, I carefully remove them. This is the only stage you need to be present for. This usually takes less than an hour.
* Afterwards I fill the plaster bandage ‘shell’ with fresh plaster to create a cast.
* I then make a mould out of this cast.
* Clay is pressed into the mould reproducing the torso precisely – at this stage I can add any embellishments to further personalise the sculpture based on our discussions.
This process can be very empowering for the client as she decides what might express and enhance her own sense of being.

The time scale;
Going all the way from a body cast to the finished ceramic torso usually takes 4-6 weeks.
Another option is to stop at the plaster cast stage; the plaster cast can remain white or I can add a bronze resin on top, making it look like a bronze cast.
The picture at the top of the page is an example of what a plaster cast may look like.

To find out more, please email me here. You are welcome to visit my studio and gallery to see what my sculptures look and feel like.

If you would like to commission something truly beautiful and unique for your home or business, I  look forward to hearing from you!

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