Dear all – I am moving on into new adventures in dream land. So this website will no longer be active as from today.  Thank you for your visits over the years and I shall see you again somewhere. So much love! Anna

Hand-made and unique ceramic art featuring glazed and smoke fired Ceramic Art Torsos, Mythological Gods and Shrines and personalized House Gods. Whimsical and adorable Birds, decorated ceramic Bowls and Platters, unique ceramic images Dreams in Clay and Sculptures as well as interior design commissions.


When I make a torso I aim to show the human body as a landscape,
at one with the land 

ceramic art torso


Please go here to find out how you can commission your own unique body cast and portrait.

Click here for My Ceramic Art Torsos

ceramic art by anna keiller

Fat Birds

I spent many months thinking about birds and watching them before going into the studio.  I saw fat wood pigeons squabbling in the hawthorn, seagulls chasing air currents on a windy day, a tiny robin singing with the voice of silver from a tree branch. Later on in my studio the first ceramic art sculpture emerged almost by itself. I had to make very few changes and adaptations.


Each bird is personal and here on her own terms, telling the story about what it is like to be a Bird at peace with its surroundings and self. Later on, Chicken, Pheasant, Owl and Peacock sculptures emerged. Each one is hand built, glazed and then smoke fired.

Click to see my Ceramic Art Fat Birds

ceramic art by anna keiller

Masked Gods and Mythological Shrines


Click to see my Mythological Gods and Shrines

ceramic art by anna keiller

House Gods

My House Gods are a modern take on the ancient Roman House Gods Lares and Penates, and I have given each a new area of influence….

be it protecting Slippers from the Puppy or
asking the God to take on the stigma of a Bad Hair Day

Click to see The Housegods.



ceramic art by anna keiller

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